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    1. Descriptive Statistics: Samples and population, Percentiles and Quartiles, Measures of central tendency and variability, Grouped data and frequency distributions, Histogram and the polygon line, Skewness and kurtosis, Chebyshev’s theorem, Methods of displaying the data, Pie and bar charts, Box plots etc.
    2. Probability: Random experiment, Elementary outcome, Sample space and events, Classical definition of probability, Probability as the limit of... More

    1. Applications of Inferential Statistics (Statistical methods for quality control, warning and action limits, mean and range charts and their interpretation)
    2. One-way analysis of variance; Computer applications
    3. Two-way analysis of variance; Computer applications
    4. Chi-square tests of goodness of fit and independence. Computer applications
    5. Introduction to regression analysis and correlation (linear correlation, multiple and partial correlation, linear... More
    1. Revision of the basic concepts of Matrix Algebra
    2. The Classical Linear Regression Model: The basic assumptions
    3. OLS method, properties of Least Squares estimators, the Gauss-Markov theorem.
    4. The coefficient of determination (R2) as a measure of goodness of fit.
    5. Multiple linear regression models: estimation and testing (OLS estimates, maximum likelihood estimates, BLUE estimates)
    6. Extension of the Linear model: Non-linear models and regression on dummy... More
    1. Τesting normality and linear form. LR, LM and W tests (criteria of likelihood ratio, Wald and Lagrange multiplier)
    2. Criteria of selecting between linear and logarithmic form (Box-Cox, Bera-McAleer, McKinnon-White-Davidson)
    3. Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity model (testing for ARCH, GARCH model)
    4. Testing the stability of coefficients (criterion Hansen, CUSUM, CUSUMSQ)
    5. Regression on dummy dependent variables (the LPM, Logit and Probit models)... More

    Economics and the environment. The economy-environment linkage. Environment and Development; Concepts of Sustainability. The Theory of Externalities and Market Failure (Public goods, externalities and Pigouvian taxes; property rights and Coase theorem). The Economics of Environmental Regulation (economywide effects of regulation, environmental regulation under uncertainty, markets for pollution control, tradable permits, non-point source pollution, monitoring and enforcement). Choice and... More